Wednesday April 25, 2018





10:00 a.m.       County Commission Meeting --- Call to Order & Pledge of Allegiance

10:00               RFQ Copier PA office --- Bid opening

10:05               City of Bridgeport --- Annexation by Petition 45.26 acres

                        Norm Farley, Attorney

10:15               Deputy Zachery Kesling – (New Deputy – Sworn-in)

10:20               Rondal Lake --- Lost Creek Community Enrichment Association, Inc.  Special Funding Request

10:25               Tom Aman – Solid Waste Disposal Refunding Revenue Bonds (Allegheny Energy Supply Company, LLC Harrison Station Project) (#5 below)

10:30               Estate of Adam C. Rohrig, Jr. --- Petition to Remove Executor



NEW BUSINESS – Action Items for Consideration or Approval:


1.         Consent Agenda

2.         Payroll Change Notices

1.  Tim Rader --- Workers Compensation as of 04-25-18 until further notice --- Maintenance

            2.  Mike Bramer --- Retirement effective 06-29-18 --- Maintenance

            3.  Cody Curkendall --- 911 Dispatch Trainee --- effective 05-10-18 --- Bureau

            4.  Trevor Vance --- 911 Dispatch Trainee --- effective 05-10-18 --- Bureau

            5.  Brandon Delaney --- 911 Dispatch Trainee --- effective 05-10-18 --- Bureau

3.         Exonerations --- Corrective Tickets --- Joint Property Applications

4.         Consolidations of Land --- Segregations of Land

5.         Consideration of approval of the redemption of the County Commission’s outstanding $73,500,000 Solid Waste Disposal Refunding Revenue Bonds (Allegheny Energy Supply Company, LLC  Harrison Station Project) 2007 Series D (AMT) (the “Bonds”) pursuant to a deposit of funds by Monongahela Power Company with The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, N.A. as Bond Trustee and the provision of Notice of Redemption by the President of the County Commission to the Bond Trustee and the execution of all other documents and the taking of all other actions which may be necessary on the part of the County Commission to accomplish the redemption in full of the Bonds.

6.         Notice --- Public Test for Election Day --- Primary Election (May 8, 2018)

7.         Consider – Review – Approve Correspondence to Various Local, State and Federal Agencies Regarding Flood Prone Areas within the County

8.         Delby B. Pool vs Greater Harrison County Public Service District --- Final Order



             (NOTE:  Items may require Discussion, Review and/or Action)


A.         Minutes and/or Amended Minutes of Previous Meeting

B.         Requisitions --- Purchase Orders --- Invoices

C.         Weekly Fiduciary Report from the County Clerk

D.         Monthly Fiduciary Commission Settlements

E.         Monthly Minutes from Various Boards, Committees and Public Service Districts

1.  Central West Virginia Transit Authority (CENTRA) --- Notification of meeting on Wednesday, April 18, 2018

2.  East View Public Service District --- April 10, 2018 meeting cancelled due to lack of quorum

3.  Summit Park Public Service District --- Minutes from the 03-12-18 and copy of Agenda for the 03-12-18 meeting

4.  WVU Extension --- Newsletter --- May, June 2018

5.  Sun Valley Public Service District --- Copy of Approved Water and Sewer  operating Budget for FY 2018-2019 and Minutes from the regular board meeting on 04-10-18

F.         Letter from Charter Communications --- Upcoming changes occurring on or before 06-15-18 affecting several lineups in service area

G.         United States Bankruptcy Court --- Toys “R” Us Property Company I, LLC

H.         Harrison County Magistrate Court --- Report on Applying agreed-upon procedures for period ending December 31, 2016


TABLED ITEMS --- Items May Require Discussion and/or Approval:


T1.       Procedure for transfer of available sick leave related to previous state and/or local government service within West Virginia.  Transfer leave will only be available for retirement service credit consideration by Consolidated Public Retirement Board

T2.       Historic Clarksburg WV Cemetery Preservation Alliance, Inc. --- Special Funding Request --- $5,000.  (tabled from 12-13-17 meeting)

T3.       Harrison County Farmland Preservation Board --- Requesting increase in funding for program (tabled from 04-18-18 meeting)