Wednesday, June 27, 2018





10:00 a.m.       County Commission Meeting --- Call to Order & Pledge of Allegiance

10:00               Public Hearing --- TIF Application District #6 North Central West Virginia Airport

1.       To conduct a public hearing regarding the proposed creation of

The County Commission of Harrison County Development District No. 6 (the “TIF District”), the undertaking of certain projects for such TIF District (the “Project Plan”) and the financing of such Project Plan improvements pursuant to the issuance of tax increment revenue obligations pursuant to Chapter 7, Article 11B of the West Virginia Code (the “TIF Act”).

2.       To consider for adoption a Resolution of The County Commission of

Harrison County which approves (i) the Tax Increment Financing Application (the “TIF Application”) with respect to the creation of the TIF District and the approval of the Project Plan for the TIF District; (ii) the submission of the TIF Application to the West Virginia Development Office for consideration of approval; and (iii) approval of other items in connection therewith.

10:15               Frank Vitale, CWC Action --- Food Security

10:30               Michael J. Spatafore --- Funding Request --- Clarksburg History Museum

10:45               Sam Maxson --- Funding Request --- WV Blackberry Festival

10:50               Harrison County Parks & Recreation --- Update on Park Programs



NEW BUSINESS – Action Items for Consideration or Approval:



1.         Consent Agenda

2.         Payroll Change Notices

            1.  Annette L. Hayes --- New Hire --- Circuit Clerk’s Office --- effective 06-22-18

2.  Danielle A. Rinker --- Transfer to Prosecuting Attorney’s Office --- effective 06-30-18

3.  Rebecca Jorgensen --- Part-time summer help --- Tax Office --- effective


4.  Ivan George --- Part-time summer help --- Tax Office --- effective 07-09-18

5.  Christy Stewart --- Part-time summer help --- Tax Office --- effective


6.  Dakota Russell --- Part-time summer help --- Tax Office --- effective 07-09-18

7.  Susan Malfregeot --- Re-hire – Extra Help --- Assessor’s Office --- effective 07-02-18

8.  Andrew Vernon --- Probationary Period Completed --- Law Enforcement

9.  Kris Wariner --- Probationary Period Completed --- Law Enforcement

10.  Paul E. Bump --- Change in cost codes --- from OES to 911 --- effective

07-15-18 pay

3.         Exonerations --- Corrective Tickets --- Joint Property Applications

4.         Consolidations of Land --- Segregations of Land

5.         Letter from Norman Farley --- regarding the Estate of Charles Norman Jaco

6.         Letter from Supreme Court of Appeals --- Application for funding under Court Security Fund Grant Program --- not funded

7.         Request to Travel --- William A. “Willie” Parker --- CCAWV Annual Conference --- July 28-31, 2018 --- Bridgeport WV and Annual Training Conference by Auditor’s Office --- August 20, 2018 --- Flatwoods, WV

8.         Lost Creek Community Festival, Inc. --- Special Funding Request

9.         Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan Update Adoption Resolution --- Region VI Planning and Development Council

10.       Contract and Use Agreement for the Harrison County Courthouse Plaza WV Italian Heritage Festival

11.       Lease Agreement --- Harrison County Commission and Light of Life Community, Inc. --- Antenna Space --- 911 Tower located on Pinnickinnick Hill

12.       Letter from WV Solid Waste Management Board --- Orpha Swiger term of office

13.       Discuss and Review the Possible Purchase of Property --- Executive Session per WV 6-9A-4 (b) (9) --- Requested by Commissioner Hinkle

            An executive session may be held only upon a majority affirmative vote of the members present of the

                governing body of a public agency.  A public agency may hold an executive session and exclude the public

                only when a closed session is required for any of the following actions: (9) To consider matters involving

                or affecting the purchase, sale or lease of property, advance construction planning, the investment of public funds or other matters involving commercial competition, which if made public, might adversely affect the financial or other interest of the state or any political subdivision:  Provided, that information relied on during the course of deliberations on matters involving commercial competition are exempt from disclosure under the open meetings requirements of this article only until the commercial competition has been finalized and completed:  Provided, however, that information not subject to release pursuant to the West Virginia freedom of information act does not become subject to disclosure as a result of executive session;

14.       Discuss and Review Expenditures Associated with E911 Center Locations --- Requested by Commissioner Watson

15.       Discuss and Review Expenditures Associated with the New Judicial Annex Project





             (NOTE:  Items may require Discussion, Review and/or Action)


A.         Minutes and/or Amended Minutes of Previous Meeting

B.         Requisitions --- Purchase Orders --- Invoices

C.         Weekly Fiduciary Report from the County Clerk

D.         Monthly Fiduciary Commission Settlements

E.         Monthly Minutes from Various Boards, Committees and Public Service District

            1.  Central WV Transit Authority --- Notification of Board Meeting and Agenda f        or 06-18-18 meeting

2.  Harrison County Planning Commission --- Agenda for 06-25-18 meeting, Minutes from 05-22-18 meeting, List of Location Improvement Permits for May 2018, and Outstanding Demolition Summary

3.  Harrison County Economic Development Corporation --- Agenda for meeting of 06-21-18 --- minutes from meeting of 05-23-18, balance sheet as of 05-31-18, Profit and Loss budget vs. Actual July 2017 through May 2018 and Check detail for May 2018

4.  Sun Valley Public Service District --- Minutes from 05-15-18 meeting

5.  Summit Park Public Service District --- Minutes from 05-14-18 meeting

6.  East View Public Service District --- Minutes from 06-12-18 meeting

7.  Short Line Public Service District --- Minutes from 04-26-18

8.  Harrison County Parks & Recreation Advisory Board --- Agenda for 06-19-18 meeting

F.         Letter from Division of Highways --- Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) --- expenditures for federal fiscal years 2016-2021

G.         Clarksburg City Council --- Copy of Resolution expressing support for the Exploration, Production and end-use of energy in the State of WV

H.         Copy of Bi-County Nutrition Program --- Political Subdivision Affadavit previously executed by Commissioner Fazzini on 06-12-18

I.          Letter from Amy B. Maxey, Race Committee --- Derek Hotsinpiller Fallen Stars Memorial 5 K Run --- Final Profit and Loss Report 2018

J.          Copy of letter to ABCA --- License for “The Jackson Dinner Bell Asociation” --- name change only --- previously executed by Commission President Ron Watson on 06-18-18

K.         Stonewood Volunteer Fire Department --- Financial Information --- 990/2017

L.         Clarksburg Fire Department --- Financial Information --- City of Clarksburg Budget for FY 18-19

M.        Lumberport Volunteer Fire Department --- Financial Information --- 990/2016

N.        Letter from Anonymous Citizen --- Regarding Harrison County Recreational Complex

O.        Charles Pointe Community Enhancement District --- Certification of Eleventh Revised CED Assessment Roll

P.         Letter from Charter Communications --- Channel Changes




TABLED ITEMS --- Items May Require Discussion and/or Approval:


T1.       Harrison County Farmland Preservation Board --- Requesting increase in funding for program (tabled from 04-18-18 meeting)

T2.       Department of Environmental Protection, Office of Oil and Gas --- Voluntary Statement of No Objection --- Griffin Well Pad --- Application --- Well Work Permit (tabled from 05-16-18 meeting)