Wednesday, October 18, 2017





10:00 a.m.       County Commission Meeting --- Call to Order & Pledge of Allegiance

10:00               Public Hearing – Regional Planning Grant Broadband Project --- Region VI Planning & Development Council

10:15               Gary Hamrick --- Community Corrections, Day Report and Home Confinement Update

10:30               Paul Bump --- Bureau, 911, OES Update

10:45               Robert Anderson --- CCC National Award



NEW BUSINESS – Action Items for Consideration or Approval:


1.         Consent Agenda

2.         Payroll Change Notices

            1.  Thomas Sampson --- Leave Without Pay --- Bureau - (FMLA)

            2.  Annette Wright --- Leave Without Pay --- Bureau – (FMLA)

            3.  Angela Sipko --- Retirement --- Co. Clerk’s Office -

3.         Exonerations --- Corrective Tickets --- Joint Property Applications

4.         Consolidations of Land --- Segregations of Land

5.         Estate of James Blake --- Recommendation to be presented to the County   Commission of Harrison County will be for this matter to be dismissed (without prejudice) upon the submitted record and that no hearings be scheduled before the Commission

6.         Request to Travel --- William A. “Willie” Parker, Administrator --- WVCoRP Quarterly meeting --- 11-30-17 (afternoon) and 12-01-17 --- White Sulphur Springs

7.         Letter from Bruce Kidd --- Resignation from the Harrison County Development Authority

8.         Resolution authorizing the application for FY2017 Homeland Security Grant Program --- to Purchase Tactical Equipment for HC Sheriff’s Department “Special Response Team” --- $25,000

9.         Resolution authorizing the filing of FY18-19 County Records Management and Preservation Grant Program Application --- $10,000

10.       Resolution authorizing the acceptance of funds from the State of West Virginia Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety Homeland Security --- for the purchase of Automatic License Plate Readers --- $200,000

11.       Copy of Letter from Paul Richard --- Thank You for ALL who helped with the search and rescue operation for Bill and Pat Searcy (missing aircraft)

12.       Discussion and / or consideration for Legal Services related to property matters for Judicial Annex Project (deferred from last week’s agenda

13.       Certification of Canvass results – Special Election – October 7, 2017

14.       Approval of AIA Contract for A&E Services with VanNostrand Architects for services as Charles Pointe Location



            (NOTE:  Items may require Discussion, Review and/or Action)


A.         Minutes and/or Amended Minutes of Previous Meeting

B.         Requisitions --- Purchase Orders --- Invoices

C.         Weekly Fiduciary Report from the County Clerk

D.         Monthly Fiduciary Commission Settlements

E.         Monthly Minutes from Various Boards, Committees and Public Service Districts

            1.  Enlarged Hepzibah PSD --- Minutes from 09-11-17 meeting

2.  Harrison County Parks & Recreation Advisory Board --- Agenda for 10-17-17


3.  Greater Harrison County PSD --- Agenda for 10-18-17 meeting

4.  Sun Valley PSD --- Minutes from Regular Board meeting 09-19-17

F.         Letter from SuddenLink --- Notification --- Rate Adjustments --- effective November 1, 2017 (standardizing pricing for the SD/HD Non-DVR set top box across its SuddenLink footprint to $10.00

G.         Letter from Arsenal MidStream --- Notification of Arsenal Midstream, LLC Pipeline


TABLED ITEMS --- Items May Require Discussion and/or Approval:


T1.       Procedure for transfer of available sick leave related to previous state and/or local government service within West Virginia.  Transfer leave will only be available for retirement service credit consideration by Consolidated Public Retirement Board

T2.       Letter from Vanessa Perkins, Manager --- CENTRA --- Recommendation for appointment of Mark Griffith to CENTRA board (tabled 09-20-17)

T3.       Patricia Murphy --- Funding Request --- Marshville Community Center --- Roof Project (tabled 09-20-17)