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Harrison County was created from Monongalia County, Virginia, in 1784 and was named for Benjamin Harrison, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. It is located in the north central section of the state, 120 miles south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and mid-way between Cincinnati, Ohio, and Washington, D.C.

Clarksburg, the county seat, was originally chartered in 1785. It was named for Gen. George Rogers Clark, a renowned explorer and Indian fighter. Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson was born there on January 21, 1824. General Jackson fought for the Confederacy, although Clarksburg was a Union stronghold.

Authorization for the first county courthouse was made in 1787 at a cost of $550. It was located on the corner of Main and 2nd streets. The frame building was constructed on eight stone piers about ten feet high and citizens tied their horses to the pillars while conducting business inside the courthouse.

The second courthouse was a two-story brick building located at the corner of Main (then Market) and 3rd streets, the same site as the present one. It cost $3,700 and was completed in 1811. A large tree trunk served as a whipping post at the rear of this structure.

The third courthouse, built in 1856, was on the same site as the second. It was a two-story brick with a cupola on top and had a wrought-iron balcony over the front entrance.

A three-story red brick courthouse was erected in 1888 at a bid of $46,000. A bell, as well as a clock, were saved from prior courthouses and placed in the tower. When it was only forty-four years old, the citizens opted to replace it with a $750,000 building - the present courthouse. John W. Davis, a native son and presidential nominee in 1924, gave the principal address at the dedication of this courthouse in 1932

County Seat: Clarksburg
Area: 417.85 sq. miles
Population: 69,099 – 2010 census


Harrison County Conducting Community Survey for Comprehensive Plan


Harrison County is currently in the process of developing a comprehensive plan.  The purpose of a comprehensive plan is to identify issues and concerns of residents that are negatively affecting the quality of life for those that live and work in Harrison County. The plan will include detailed action items outlining specific steps that County government and other partners can take to address the identified issues and concerns.  The plan will also be the foundation for future growth and development in the County. 


As the plan revolves around issues in Harrison County, citizen input is a vital part of the planning process.  Therefore, a survey has been created to solicit input from the general public.  The survey is designed to only take a few minutes to complete and will help local elected officials identify issues and concerns in Harrison County.  This information is vital in helping define the future of Harrison County and what actions the County should take in order for it to prosper.


The survey can be found online https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HarrisonCountyCompPlan