The County Commission consists of three Commissioners elected to six year terms. They are the governing body of Harrison County and function as the County Executive. They are responsible for all county affairs, such as maintaining the Courthouse, Correctional Center, Law Enforcement Agency, County Garage, Bureau of Emergency Services (9-1-1), Office of Emergency Management, 4-H Center, Senior Citizens Center Building and County Parks. Yearly, usually in February, the County Commission reviews and equalizes the assessment of the County as returned by the Assessor. This is an opportunity for citizens to have corrected any errors in their property evaluations to make the valuation comply with the law.

Duties of the County Commission

  • Pursuant to WV Code 7-1-1, the County Commission is to meet four times a year. The Harrison County Commission meets regularly every morning that business is scheduled.
  • Elects one Commissioner as President of the County Commission at the first session of the New Year.
  • Custody of all deeds and other papers presented for record.
  • Jurisdiction in matters of Probate and approve settlement of accounts.
  • Lay the levies and prepare and disburse the budget each fiscal year.
  • Invest monies at the highest interest rate returned.
  • Oversee elections and serve as the Board of Canvassers.
  • Responsible for Annexations and Minor Boundary Adjustments of Municipalities and the Abandonment of roadways and alleys.
  • They may create Public Service Districts.
  • They may submit an excess levy for voter approval in a regular election. Excess levies may not exceed three years in duration and voter approval for passage is 60% of all votes cast for and against. Note: The Central WV Transit Authority is financed thru an excess levy.
  • The Commission of Harrison and Marion County jointly supervise and control the Harrison-Marion Regional Airport.

The County Commission appoints Board Members to the following organizations:

  • All - Harrison County Building Commission
  • 3 - Regional Health Advisory Council
  • All - Local Emergency Response Committee
  • All - Harrison County Planning Commission
  • All - Harrison County Parks & Recreation Commission
  • All - Harrison County Development Authority
  • One-half of the members of the Central WV Transit Authority
  • 2 - Harrison-Clarksburg Library Board
  • All - Public Service Districts
  • 2 - Central WV Community Action
  • One-half of the members of the Harrison-Marion Regional Airport Authority
  • 1 - Animal Control Board
  • 1 - Harrison-Clarksburg Board of Health
  • 2 - Civil Service Commission for Deputies
  • 2 - Civil Service Commission of Correctional Officers
  • All - Harrison County Housing Authority
  • All - Harrison County Emergency Service Authority
  • 1 - Harrison County Senior Citizens Board

The County Commission provides grants to Public Service Districts as well as aid to: