12/18/2019Authorizing Volunteer Fire Companies and Paid Fire Companies to Charge Fees
12/18/2019County Curfew for Minors
12/18/2019Floodplain Management Ordinance
12/18/2019Hotel and Motel Occupancy Tax Ordinance
12/18/2019Ordinance Restricting Dogs from running at Large in Harrison County
12/18/2019Procedures for Identifying Obstructions within the Bounds of a Public Road and for the Abatement of
12/18/2019Procedures for Identifying Public Health Nuisances and for the Abatement of such Nuisances
12/18/2019Prohibiting the operation of All-Terrain-Vehicles in Meadow Village, Good Hope, West Virginia
12/18/2019Recycling Ordinance
12/18/2019Repealing and Reenacting an Ordinance creating The Harrison County Planning Commission
12/18/2019Restrict Location of Exotic Entertainment
12/18/2019Location Improvement Permit Ordinance
12/18/2019Commercial Dog Breeding Operations Ordinance
12/18/2019Public Nuisance Ordinance
12/18/20199-1-1 Addressing and Mapping
12/18/2019Adopting International Property Maintenance Code
12/18/2019Approval and Authorization of Intergovernmental Agreement
1/1/20142014 Floodplain Ordinance