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John R. Spires, Harrison County Clerk

Hello and welcome to the Harrison County Clerk’s Office. As the County Clerk of Harrison County, I would like to take a minute and discuss what we do in our office.

All 55 counties elect a County Clerk for a term of six(6) years. Whose responsibilities include the management of records of the County Commission and certain election duties.

Primary responsibilities center around three basic functions:

  • To act as clerk (fiscal officer) of the Harrison County Commission.
  • To act as the receiver of fees charged for the instruments filed and recorded within the county.
  • To act as the chief election authority in Harrison County.

To carry out the numerous duties, the County Clerk may select deputies and other employees. The budget for the operation of the County Clerk’s office as a whole is determined by the County Commission. The salary for County Clerks range from $52,040 to $68,302 and is required to be full time in Class I-X counties.

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm


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