Charlotte Shaffer, Director of Planning Department

Welcome to the official website of the Harrison County Planning Department - the primary source of information on land use planning in Harrison County. You will find information here ranging from land use planning initiatives and regulations to application forms and fee schedules.

When trying to envision life in the future, one fact is certain: things will change. Creating and maintaining a healthy, attractive community which offers a high quality of life for its residents begins with sound planning. The need for professional and citizen planners to shape our community vision has never been greater. Over the past two decades, Harrison County has remained one of the fastest growing regions in West Virginia. The amount of land consumed by homes, businesses, roads, and public buildings has increased at a rapid rate. This type of growth puts pressures on the characteristics of Harrison County that we treasure.

Many local public and private sector organizations are working to advance this growth and change in positive and sustainable ways, from the redevelopment and revitalization of our urban areas, to improvements to our many modes of transportation, to the protection of our rural landscape. The Harrison County Department, the County Planning Commission, and the Planning District Advisory Committees are working to build on these efforts by seeking to establish a more comprehensive, coordinated, and community-wide framework for planning in Harrison County.

Useful Forms and Documents

Harrison County Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance

Harrison County Comprehensive Plan

Adoption of International Property Maintenance

Adoption of Property Maintenance

2014 Floodplain Ordinance

Location Improvement Permit Application

Location Improvement Permit Ordinance

Property Maintenance Codes

Demolition Loan Application

Commercial Dog Breeding Operations Ordinance

Nuisance Ordinance

Public Nuisance Complaint Form